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Toward the future of Patin

Our corporate vision is to have robots become part of everyday life.
Until now, robots symbolized the coming of the future such as in science-fiction movies. However, our approach is totally different. We think of robots as a natural system to have at home for daily living.
A household robot that embodies this is Patin. "Patin" means "skating" in French.
We started from the following ideas:
"Wouldn't it be neat if your home appliances and furniture could move freely in your house?"
"If you put a pair of skates on products by various manufacturers, wouldn't it become a new artificial thing?"
"Rather than just moving around, if the skates have AI (artificial intelligence) and can think by itself and accumulate data, wouldn't it expand its sphere of activity?"

Patin is a robot that can be used in all homes around the world. It is a platform enabling third parties to develop applications for it. We welcome you to join this new industry that we are developing.

*Currently under development and to be marketed in autumn 2016.

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